Wednesday, January 11, 2012

workout du jour


Warm Up:
10 push ups
10 boy rows
10 slam balls (12lbs)
10 sit ups
30 Double Unders


10 reps of
Pull Ups (assisted)
Dead Lift (100lbs)
Dumbell Push Press(15lbs)
Sit ups
9 reps
8 reps
through to
1 rep

Time: 19:01

55 pullups, DL, Dumbell PP + Sit ups

Forgot to write this one into my journal so I wanted to record it while everything was still fresh in my mind. More to come re: boxing.

Pump Up Song:


Tonight I did boxing, totally fun.
21 min of 2 min sprint 1 min jog (my sprints a jog my jogs a bouncy speed walk)
9 min drill of 1 min burpee, running + punching, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, repeat
30 min sparring

Love. Love. Love. Boxing. It so pays to take that step out of your comfort zone and try that thing you've been wanting to do.


  1. I have a short boxing demo/lesson in a few weeks and am actually looking forward to it!