Monday, January 2, 2012

workout du jour

Interval training:
Warm up: 2 rounds of Sun Salutations - they feel GREAT.

10 rounds 2 min skipping 1 min rest
warm up: 4 min sparring

5 rounds 30 sec pushups 30 sec rest (15 full start, avg. 3 full rmdr.)
warm up: 4 min sparring

10 rounds 30 sec sit ups 30 sec rest (avg. 20 sit ups / round)

15 min sparring

Todays workout was so so cool. The gym closed early so we missed it and I thought there would be no exercise today. We're staying at my parents house for the holidays though, and I thought to myself wouldn't it be awesome to move the cars out of the garage and use that as our gym? (I live in Canada and I'm sorry - today it is way to cold to work out outside). Well I was right and it was cool. And it was nice because my parents came out to see how we were doing. It was an awesome place for sparring. My jab is getting some power behind it and I'm improving my hook too. So thankful hubby enjoys working with me on it because I find boxing so, so fun. He boxed when he was younger and has a lot of matches under his belt. We're starting to work on footwork too and by the end of it I was making HIM move around the garage!

Anyways, today was an all around great day!
I did pretty good for food choices (aside from 5 pieces of licorice, which I dutifully tracked!). We'll see how the rest of the night goes :)

Todays Pump Up Song:

it came on a couple of times throughout the day today and each time hubby and I stopped to silly dance, including vulgar hip thrusts, the robot and moonwalking. All around awesomeness :)

Hope all of the Spring Chicks had as much fun as I did today! xx

- Desperate Student


  1. Boxing seems really cool, although I'd be too afraid to have a real match. ;)

  2. It's a lot of fun! And a good way to get out frustrations :P but no haha I don't think I'd want in on a match either! Im clumsy enough that I already have a fat lip, so I don't want to let anyone else have at me! :)