Friday, January 6, 2012

short update on the challenge

Clean eating?
Naw. No excuses either, I had opportunity today to make healthy choices and time to workout but I stayed curled up on the sofa. I was telling myself I'm trying to enjoy the last of my vacation but the truth of the matter is that this will all be a lot harder to do when I get back to school.
I only share these failures to keep myself accountable, both to the Spring Chicks and to myself and my health.
On the bright side I am really looking forward to starting crossfit up again this coming week. Here's hoping next update comes with tales of success! xx

- DS


  1. This journey is definitely a marathon. I can relate to what you mean about it being harder when school starts. I teach at an elementary school and I am taking 2 graduate level classes in the spring. We have to plan to succeed and not short change ourselves. We are so worth it.

  2. It happens, sometimes we just need a day of rest. But you can do this.

    I tagged you in this post!