Monday, January 16, 2012

Words of wisdom from Erin's 6 Month Transformation

" I blog to hold myself accountable for my actions, and so that you will too. I expect that if I'm making the same mistakes over and over again, someone will point it out. If I'm making excuses, I want someone to call me out. I want to be held accountable for the setbacks I have caused myself. I have a habit of posting about the good stuff and not always the bad stuff because I'm embarrassed, but how are you supposed to hold me accountable if I don't? I strive to be more open with any setbacks. I hope you will do the same."


  1. I'm flattered by this post!!! (also, took me forever to figure out how to comment, your blog hides it? There's no title so there wasn't actually a way to drill into the post. Obviously I found a way to sneak around it :-)

  2. This is an excellent quote. That's exactly why I'm blogging about my journey. I'm going to hop over to Erin's post and read that one as well.