Thursday, January 26, 2012

I am disgusting

Tonight was a binge but unfortunately, no, thats not where the 'disgusting' comes from. I was cleaning out my freezer and 'indulged' on some old ass breaded chicken and mozza sticks. Not so bad right? They were freezer burned to hell and seriously GOD AWFUL. So what did I do? I threw them out I ate them all. I'm not overall concerned with calories because in terms of size, it wasn't great but it wasn't the worst binge. I did crossfit yesterday, p90x yoga today, and I have crossfit again tomorrow morning. I'm scared though that I'm going to get food poisoning and I'm supposed to get a tattoo tomorrow. I am STUPID. But that also seriously demonstrates the lack of control in regards to a binge. Reason wasn't there anymore.

C'est la vie. Time to move on.

*I was going to post a picture of what a cheese stick SHOULD look like, but I don't wanna make anyone feel tempted!


  1. Drink lots and lots of water and peppermint tea if you have it. It will help.

  2. Sounds like me cleaning out my fridge and freezer, eating as I go ;) Hope you don't feel sick! Good luck on your tattoo, what are you getting? I don't have any but I want one. My brothers are covered and one of them tattoos...building up my courage to let him do something on me :)

  3. I hope you are ok. Are you still going to get the tatt...?

  4. Yes, what are you getting!?
    I'd reccomend ginger ale of some sort, If you feel sick that'll help if you do get anything nasty from the food, but it's also great for that tattoo feeling, good luck :)

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :) Hope you are feeling better. Looking forward to hearing about the tattoo!