Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday the 18th

Tuesday April 17th
4 rounds for time
400m run
25 slam balls (16 lbs)

19ish minutes

Wednesday April 18th
Strength: Overhead Squat
1 rep - 50lbs
10 reps - 35lbs
1 rep - 70lbs
20 reps - 45lbs
1 rep - 80lbs
30 reps - 50lbs

New 1RM of 80lbs!
We could take breaks in the multiple rep sets but were not supposed to take many. I didn't take any for the 10 or 20. For the thirty I took several, but never purposefully, only when I bailed on a rep. The final ten-ish I was only doing one or two at a time.

3 rounds of
30 sec DL @ bodyweight
30 sec hand release push ups
30 sec sit ups
30 sec kettlebell swings
1 min rest

Total reps: 164
DL: 135lbs
KBS: 12kg

Really enjoyed this one. Rx for KBS was 16 and I thought I had a 16 but grabbed 12 by accident. The first round of KBS, since I thought I had a 16, I thrusted way to hard and wound up throwing the kettlebell right over my head, lol.

@ Kelly: Thanks for all of your positive comments, they mean a lot! WOD stands for workout of the day. Some other acronyms (there are tons):
AMRAP - as many reps/rounds as possible
EMOM - every minute on the minute
OHS - overhead squat
KBS - kettlebell swings
SDHP - sumo deadlift high pull
FS - front squat
HPC - hang power clean
BB/DB - barbell / dumbell
Those are the only ones that really come to mind right now. There are TONS though!

@Angie: I wish I could do two a days all of the time! I've done two so far in the last seven days. My box is pretty small so the WOD is the same for all classes so when I go again, I'm doing the same thing over. When there is space I modify some of the moves, though. Also, I'm still pretty new to fitness so my coaches 'put their foot down' sometimes, and encourage me to make use of my rest time. I really want to go back tonight, so we'll see how that goes!

Now, some pictures!
I made my bed perfectly right before going to sleep last night. I don't remember waking up in the middle of the night or anything. Wth do I do in my sleep?! PS yes at 21 I still have multiple teddy bears that share my bed.

I'm the only one at my box who has really embraced the 'crossfitters wear knee-socks' thing. I love them, love the compression and how they save me from double under whips, deadlift scrapes and rope climb burns! I always run errands after the gym though and I'm pretty sure people think I'm crazy :)

A close of of todays socks. The color is pretty demure, but zebra print!

A little rant:
I don't get angry or anything, but I'm always shocked when I'm walking through a doorway right behind someone and they drop the door on me. I will wait, like a long time, to hold the door open for people, especially if they're elderly. I can't understand why some people don't, because it's a really simple way to feel good about yourself. It makes me feel awesome when someone smiles and thanks me for holding the door. And it's such a stupid little easy thing to do! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

long day?

So I have no more classes, and tomorrow is my final exam. Then I'm in limbo until I get my summer posting message. I probably won't be going anywhere until mid May though. I have no hobbies, my friends have all left town and my fiance lives four hours away. I don't know what to do with myself! I read Act of Valor, I enjoyed it and didn't really put it down but honestly it was pretty cheesy and poorly written. No offense to the writers, I don't think they stood a chance given the source and subject matter. I didn't have a book, what was I too do?

At 1:00 I went to an hour yoga class.
I was early and joined in the last fifteen minutes of a 'butts and guts' class, slipped in while they were taking a break and the instructor was fine with it. Skipping, squats, lots of stuff I like.

It was fun and I'll probably try and go a few times a week. In childs pose the instructor stood on my feet. I don't know why she did it. I love foot rubs and to be honest it felt awesome, but I burst out laughing (silently) but my body was rocking and I had a huge smile. I hope I didn't offend her, I was just caught off gaurd!

Afterwards I went to the weight room. Did a few sets of dumbell bench press. Some dumbell rows. Some pull ups. Some push press.

Got home, still bored.

Went to the 615 crossfit class. Same WOD as earlier, only this time I did Rx weight on the push press, 75lbs. It was much harder but I only added two-ish minutes to my time and I really didn't push myself as hard as I did the first time. I really loved todays WOD and was worth going twice!

Maybe I can keep this up? Who knows!

Crossfit du jour

Saturday April 14
partner row, only one working at a time, switch off as needed
max meters in 30 min
6+ K

partner med ball sit ups, 10 min
20 lb / 16 lb med ball

My partner was awesome and made this WOD lol

Monday April 16
3 rounds
400m run
5 burpee box jumps
7 push press (55lbs)
9 toes 2 bar


2 rds
10 bench leg raises
10 35lb good mornings

Pump Up Song: Brand New B*tch - Anjulie

I've gotten a lot of congratulations on athlete of the month. Everyone does, but I think this is honestly the first time I've gotten an 'award', definitely the first time for fitness! I'm so flattered and so, so happy!

Friday, April 13, 2012

best day ever?

Thursday April 12
For quality
2 min double unders
30 second L-sit
2 min double unders
12 - 10 -8 - 6 - 4 sumo deadlift high pull @ half body weight (65lbs)

Friday April 13
every minute on the minute for 30 minutes
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

I have no idea what I got. I got to 14 minutes before I took a good 5 minute break. At some point I modified to 5 push ups 10 squats, and then again to push ups on my knees. When I started again, I would do one and then take a break and play with the kids in the corner. I didn't even write my stuff on the board because I had no idea what to put.

But I got bored so I went in again for the 115 class. Instead of doing the WOD again I just did some lifting.

I brought my DL up to 205!
I did three reps of a 105lb back squat without having my knees go wonky!


To be honest I was kind of hoping I might be. I've been going about 5-6x / week, putting in awesome effort and getting awesome results. I'm really happy :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

another long one!

Weds April 4
4 rounds for quality, not time
15 ring rows
15 ring dips
30 second L-sit hold

cashout: tabata sit ups
lowest reps - 17. Started with and maintained throughout.

Thursday April 5
3 rounds
500m row
25 burpees
25 box jumps
400m row
time: 32:46

This workout was INSANE! Thats the 50% modification that I did. RX was 1000m row, 50 burpees, 50 box jumps, 800m run. Hubby came and did RX, took him just under 40 minutes to do two rounds. No one that tried RX got more than 2 rounds. I was really proud of him and DAMN is he fiiine. It was nice watching him finish ;)

Friday, April 6
Gym was closed, so I held a WOD in the park! It was awesome, good turnout and lots of fun.
10 rounds for time
10 push ups
10 squats
10 sit ups

People brought non-crossfit friends so I was kind of coaching + encouraging people while we did this. My time was around 10 minutes but I don't quite remember. Afterwards we went to the park for the cashout and did pull ups and ghd style sit ups on the monkey bars. Really, it was so much fun!

Saturday April 7
Team WOD. One partner at each station, switch when the runner gets back. As many reps as possible in 20 minutes.
1. 200m run
2. rest
3. thrusters
4. pull ups
5. slam balls
6. medicine ball side to sides

didn't record reps, again was a fun one. There is only one class on Saturdays so you get to meet people that go to the classes you don't attend. The only one I haven't been to is the 630am class (yaaaa right) so I met a girl named M.

Sunday April 8
Gym closed
5k run
I think it was around 32 min

but that doesn't sound right for me. I walked a lot. The running app on my phone cut off so I gad to guestimate. I'd been gone for about 15 minutes when it cut out. I got back about 15 minutes after it cut out. I feel like I messed up timing or something though. Hubby did the same course but a little longer, it's really hilly, and he wore a 20lb vest! Even though he ran about 6 or 7k he still beat me, lol.

5 rounds for time
2 lengths gym walking lunges, RX 35lb barbell overhead
21 burpees

Time: 1620
Weight: RX

Cashout max overhead squats @ 65lbs
Got 3 @ 55lbs

Tuesday 10 April
Tabata something else .5
4 rounds of 20 sec work 10 sec rest / exercise
pull ups
push ups

around 170 reps

Cashout: 50 clean and jerks, RXed weight @ 55lbs

On the first round of pull ups, I met my goal for the last few months (and life) of getting TEN FULL PULL UPS! I am a very, very happy camper. I hate to sound self righteous but seriously, it just goes to show how hard work and dedication = results. I only got my first full pull up a couple of months ago!

Wednesday April 11
21 - 15 - 9
hang power clean, RX 65lb
hand stand push ups
dead lift, RX 115lb
ring dips

Time: 1600
Weight: RX
modified both HSPU and ring dips

Like I said, that was a long one.

Now for pictures!

hubby doesn't wear his glasses to work out. At the Saturday WOD, he thought the chalk bucket was empty and flipped it over to write on it. I was nice enough to vacuum up the mess, but not before he did this during the group picture. I thought it was a love tap or something, and didn't know about it until after we got home.

The pull up bar that the Easter bunny brought me
sit ups on the monkey bars
me finishing my pull ups. I was the only one short enough to be able to successfully kip haha

Pump Up Song: Glee - I Can't Go For That
oh yes she did! total gleek.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

crossfit du jour

21 Deadlift
2 lengths of gym, walking lunges, weight overhead
15 DL
2 lengths walking lunges
9 DL
2 lengths walking lunges

Rx weight: 150 DL, 25lb walking lunges

125lb DL
Rx walking lunges

This was an awesome workout, felt great. I should have gone Rx because I was able to do 11 consecutive reps, could have done more, and got through the final 9 unbroken which is a problem! Everyone was congratulating me on my time and then someone was like 'don't you smoke?!' which led to a lot of flack, lol. I should quit, they're right. Maybe the time is coming. I don't know! I know with CAP coming up though, if I quit now I'll either start again or be a big ol' useless uptight bag of nerves when I go. I'll try and work something out.

Not a Jillian Michaels fan, but awesome quote.

she's back! but only for a little while.

Tues Mar 20
10 rounds (maxed out at 20 minutes)
5 thrusters (55lb)
10 pull ups (black band)
100m run

1. 1:30
2. 1:42
3. 1:43
4. 1:56
5. ?
6. 1:46
7. 2:07

Maybe because it was such a hot day, this was way harder than it looks. Maybe the hardest WOD I've done so far. DNF.

Weds Mar 21
5000m row


Thurs Mar 22
AMRAP 7 min
3 thrusters (45lbs)
3 chest to bar

adding 3 reps each round (second round is 6 reps, third 9, etc.)
64 reps total

7 wall ball (14lb)
7 burpees

5 rounds

14 russian twists (12lb)
7 atomic sit ups (12lb)

10 rounds

Friday Mar 23
double unders
sit ups


fuck ya! I got the best time of anyone at the gym for that day. It was killer and just goes to show that I need to push myself harder all of the time. Loved this.

Monday Mar 26
AMRAP 17 min
10 lay down stand up
100 single unders

9 rounds

Tuesday Mar 27
4 rounds
40 squats
400m run


2 rounds of 3 reps every 30 seconds for 2:30 (15 reps total per round)
deadlift 145lb

Wedns Mar 28
2 min 250m row + max KBS remaining time
3 min 500m row + max KBS remaining time
4 min 750m row + max KBS remaining time
5 min 1000m row + max KBS remaining time
add together KBS reps for score


Thurs Mar 29
AMRAP 20 min
30 sec handstand hold
30 sec squat hold
30 sec l-sit hold
30 sec chin over bar hold

6 rounds + L sit

Strength: strict press 1RM

Fri Mar 30
Fight gone bad in partners
3 min wall ball
3 min sumo deadlift highpull
3 min box jump
3 min push press
3 min row for calories

one partner works while the other rests, switching off as needed.
no results for this one.

Mon Apr 2
Round 1:
3 min
4 clean and jerk, as many situps as possible in remaining time.
increase weight, repeat w/ 3 C+J
increase weight, repeat w/ 2 C+J
increase weight, repeat w/ 1 C+J for 1RM
total sit ups: 333
C+J 1RM: 95lbs

this was AWESOME. Struggled so hard on the last C+J but the people for the next class were all there and were cheering me on and applauded when I got it. Felt sooo good!

Thought of the day:
It is sad when people blame others for their poor fitness. No mater how supportive or unsupportive others are, you are 100% responsible for the decisions you make, from healthy eating to regularly exercising. If you wanted it, you'd make time. You cannot blame anyone else for the work that you aren't willing to put in.

This falls in line with the larger problem of excuses in general. An excuse is nothing more than rationalizing doing or not doing something. It doesn't change what the right thing to do is, it doesn't change the damage you've done. If you commit to your goals, your life won't change, but you'll no longer have excuses. Not because you no longer have long days at work or because people stop having birthdays with cake or anything like that, but because you'll be making the right choices.

Why lie to yourself? If you don't want to change, have some confidence and don't pretend that you're trying so that you.. what? look cool?

I think, according to pintrest, I'm not the only one who feels that way.