Monday, January 9, 2012

workout du jour

Today was AWESOME.

10 min stretching warm up / 5 min rowing
150 continuous push ups + 10 box jumps per break taken. (110 box jumps for me)
Time: 12:51
Max continuous sit ups: 200

Hatha Yoga:
1 hour

Hoop Yoga:
1 hour

I have this thing where I go really hard when I first commit to a goal and then taper off. Must. Not. Taper.
The gym I want to box at is right next to my crossfit studio so I harassed (re: politely talked to) some patrons I saw going in. It's only 50$ for a MONTH membership and I'm not 100% sure but I think they said that includes lessons too. You can drop in any time that it's open - it opens at 3 now that classes are back in. I have class until 7 but I'm going to call and if they're open that late I'm going to stop by, talk to the owners + trainers and if all goes well, get me a membership! So so so cool. And you can pay extra if you want to learn extra things like MMA style fighting. So. So. Cool!

I've eaten clean (so far) too.
Breakfast: 2 egg whites + a carrot
Lunch: 1/3 cup trail mix, tomato + celery + carrot in juicer.

Being truthful: The main thing that I've done wrong is smoke. I quite before the holidays but being around my family who are all smokers - I caved. I planned on quitting as soon as life started again but as I'm sure anyone out there can probably tell you, it doesn't quite work like that. Oh well :(

P.S. Hubby is gone and WOW I miss him like mad.

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  1. Good job on your exercise!! And as for the smoking, it's an addiction and it's HARD to kick. You know what you gotta do! And you're doing awesome <3