Friday, January 6, 2012

home sweet home

After a long and, frankly, wonderful vacation, I am finally back to my apartment. Hubby will be here with me until Sunday. Yesterday was pretty hectic, packing all of our clothes and Christmas presents, getting here, unpacking, cleaning out all of the old food, replacing it, cleaning up the house, etc. etc.

My parents are coming in their truck to deliver my beer fridge from residence as my apartment is very small and only came with a beer fridge, hot plate, toaster oven, etc. so I find I don't have enough place to store food. Hubby decided he'd be cooking for my parents and is trying out his new slow cooker and is making beef burritos and maple meatballs. I can't stop eating the meatballs, I've been sneaking them all day. They are AMAZING!

I finally got to try out my juicer. I'd wanted to since I opened it Christmas day but decided I'd wait until I was home. I got that cute little container at the dollar store. I cannot believe how amazing fresh juice tastes. I'm really lucky that I got this baby.

Eating has been okay. I've been tracking but since most everything that is homemade that I'm eating is not the healthiest of food, I'm afraid that the calorie suggestions on MyFitnessPal aren't all that accurate. At least I'm always trying to chose the highest one to play it safe.

Now that I'm back in my apartment there really are no excuses. I'm going to re-evaluate my new school schedule and workout when I'm going to be getting in my crossfit workouts + workouts at the gym + doing p90x videos at home. It seems crazy tight but in reality if I start getting my butt out of bed before, say, 1 in the afternoon I'll have hours of free time that I didn't have before. Looking forward to my Sunday night weigh in and setting good, solid goals for the week.

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