Monday, January 9, 2012

holy hannah

Wowsers! So I manned up and stopped by the boxing club tonight.. and.. and.. and they started me right then and there! Some boxing and some intervals. It was great. Adding another hour of exercise to todays total and that takes me too.. FOUR. Not sustainable. But damn good start. They want me to come back tomorrow, but I have class from 9-5 and then a meeting with my bosses from 6-9. So... I'm going at 9! I am going to HURT tomorrow. But it's worth it - I love it. Also - met a really nice girl at boxing. We decided to carpool and that is just another way for me to stay accountable to this commitment. On top of everything, membership there including access to the gym AND lessons is only 50$ a month, 40 if you pay on the first. Nuts! Its nuts! Great day! But I miss hubby.


  1. wow thats cheap :) i love boxing, great workout and anger management :p

  2. Aww yea... You are a rock star! I have wanted to try boxing. I definitely need to look into it.