Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mini Challenge: Find a New Exercise

Since this weekends challenge was to find a new exercise I decided to try P90X yoga. I chose it because with this semesters schedule I can't attend any of the yoga classes held at my school anymore. I thought of yoga, from those classes, as a good stretch. I don't stretch enough, this seemed like a good alternative.

I only did 15 minutes. It's really challenging! I'd have seen it through to at least the thirty minute mark (its an hour + thirty minutes in total) but I'm going to a movie soon and I was starting to SWEAT! Maybe some of you that take more intense yoga classes are saying to yourself 'no duh..'. The ones I've tried, though, have all been about an hour long gentle stretch session. So shocked but pleased. This is something that I'd like to do, possibly every day.

My advice to anyone new to fitness trying a new exercise program, especially yoga, is just do it. Then, the second it becomes too challenging or especially starts to hurt, stop. Don't injure yourself and take caution. But there is no shame, in my books, in doing only 15 minutes and then having to call it quits! Maybe next time I'll hit 16 :)

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  1. Great advice. I kept telling myself that I MUST do 1 hour of cardio, but I got so unmotivated/lazy and then ended up doing nothing because I didn't see the point. I found some high intensity interval workouts that last about 25 mins and have completed 2 a day for the past 3 days, whereas I would have done nothing if I kept up the old attitude. x

  2. Is this your personal challenge or a general blogosphere challenge? Because I think a general challenge for fitness bloggers would be quite dandy!

  3. I've never tried any P90X stuff, but my husband borrowed the program from a friend and says it looks very challenging! Good for you for giving it a shot. :)

    I've done hot yoga before, and while it is a great stretch session, it is also a true cardio workout. I need to find time to take it up again, I always feel good when I do it!

  4. The P90X yoga is pretty similar to the yoga class I take, it's an hour and 15 minutes and you SWEAT like a beast. I swear it should be renamed push up class.