Wednesday, January 4, 2012

walking down by the water front

Since it was only minus 2 today I thought it'd be nice to do something outside. Originally the plan was to hike up to the towns lookout point but it was closed because of the snow. Improvise! A nice half hour walk down by the water front. Although it was only minus two the wind by the water was still a little harsh.
Lots of fun though! And afterwards we went to Marks Work Wearhouse where hubby got himself a nice warm flannel and got me a nice (10$) shirt!

Me standing on the outdoor stage. I'm the little black dot.

Hubby sliding on a patch of ice.
A shot of the grass + water behind

Hubby and I. I was hoping to keep this blog anonymous but I really like this picture, so, shh ;)


  1. Great pics. I can't believe you go outside when its that cold. You are a bad chick...

  2. You are so cute! Wishing it was cold here right now, this tropical weather isn't too nice this time of year!

  3. My goooodness, you are so beautiful!! Stunning picture :) ♥

  4. Thanks guys :) I've never been in tropical weather before. I'm thinking of pineapples and coconuts, but that can't be right! lol