Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I know this makes me the laziest person in the world but the eggies commercial was targeted at me I swear. I HATE peeling off the shells. So I didn't hesitate (much) when it came time to dish out 20$ for 'em. They turned out alright. You have to use pam to keep them from sticking and I didn't close them right so one didn't work - hilarity did not ensue. Anyways I think they're great and I'm going to get a carton of egg whites and continue with those.

Eggies Tips:
Spray with Pam
Everything TWISTS in. It won't secure if you just press (lol)
Slow boil them, don't turn the heat up high
If they stick, squeeze the container to loosen them or use a butter knife.

Im sure everyone could have figured these things out on their own, but this was my trial and error lesson. :)

Todays Reason to be Fit:


  1. Lol, I used to order all kinds of kitchen stuff off of infomercials. They really do come in handy!

  2. ooooo, thanks for sharing! I have been so curious about those.