Sunday, January 1, 2012

Recapping 2011

The Good:
May: Successfully completed 2nd year of university
August: Graduated Basic Military Training
September: Started 3rd year University, made some new friends who love history as much as I do.
October: Turned 21, started crossfit!

The Bad:
May: Lost some friends. I list it here because there were good times, but for the most part cutting these people out of my life was a GREAT choice and I'm a better person for it.
August: Bad news about stress fractures
October: Fiance missed my birthday because his unit went to the field for a month. Hate long distance.
November: Got really bad strep throat the day of a ball that hubbys unit hosts. He HAD to go so I had to stay in the shacks, alone, with the beautiful 200$ dress that I haven't gotten to wear at all this year. Shown on the right, but mine was red.
December 1st: My dog Gracie died. She was over 14 years old, had been with my family over two thirds of my life. I'm still incredibly choked up over it so thats all I'm going to say here, until I'm ready.

The Night:
Hubby and I spent the night in flannel pajama sets, mine purple his blue, and housecoats. We watched Jaws on Spike, which I had never seen before and so I was yelling the whole time (GET OUT OF THERE!!!!!). For supper fiance made home style breaded haddock and steamed vegetables - amazing. I wish I had taken pictures. And although I was expecting a lot worse we only ate a half bag of chips with dip.
Perfect night spent with my perfect man, I couldn't be happier :)

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