Tuesday, January 3, 2012

tracking my food: a love (hate) story

I've kept up with tracking my food the last two days as was my goal.
Yesterday was great.
Today I binged on 800 calories worth of mini eggs.
Its okay because I made no dietary commitments this week, and I can see a source of my bad habits. If I'm going to indulge I have to buy the smallest possible portion and I have to commit to throwing out the rest as soon as I feel I'm done.
Lesson learned.

Somehow I still managed to stay within my 1450 calorie limit, but thats assuming I don't eat again tonight.

Welp, no excuses and no regrets. I'm learning.


  1. My husband did the same thing just on the left over peanut butter christmas trees. Keep at it!!! You stayed within your limit!! Great job!!

  2. I do the SAME THING. If its there...I eat it. Ugh. At least you tracked it, that's key for me! If I'm accountable for it, I remember it for next time <3 Good job doing that!