Tuesday, January 17, 2012

big 'ol hypocrite here

Of course on the day I decided to blog about my clean eating I get a sincere-ious craving for sugary cereals + kraft dinner.

To try and keep the cravings at bay I made myself a paleo cereal. No healthy option for KD. It had:

1/2 cup: almond slivers, pine nuts, pecan pieces
2 strawberries
1 box sunmaid raisins
1/2 cup unsweetened silk almond milk.

Nuts are really high in calories and fat - but its the good kind - so this clocked in at just under 350 calories. A lot for a snack but at least I went the healthy route!


  1. Hey, if you come up with a healthy option for KD let me know....my sister loves the stuff and so I declared a very strict "no KD in the house" rule. It's too delicious and bad for me, I don't want it here. But I sure as hell want to eat it.

  2. Nuts are a trigger food for me :(
    I love them but cant seem to stop!!!

  3. Way to go on resisting the KD :)