Friday, January 13, 2012

workout du jour

10 reps light weight
5 reps medium weight
3 reps heavier
2 reps heavier
3 sets of 1 rep max

back squat, press and dead lift.

Back squat: 95
Press: 55
Dead lift: 175

I know I know I'm an IDIOT. I've been whining about hurting my back w/ deadlifts and there I go and do them in a W.O.D. for my one rep max - even worse. To be honest it was the back squats that hurt my back, thats why the weight is so low. We modified so that on the continuous reps of my DL I was dropping the weight and picking it back up at the bottom as the lowering was putting more strain on my back than I liked. To be honest the deadlifts weren't that bad and I made a huge effort to keep my form and had my trainer spot me.

Thats two things I can strike off of my goals for the year:
Raise deadlift one rep max
Join boxing

I signed hubby and I up for the Saturday crossfit class so we will be going together for the first time. I'm really excited! :)


  1. I think we have all been guilty of going Gung-Ho and not being as careful as we should have been, then dealt with the consequences. A lesson learned.
    Push yourself but don't ruin your progress by hurting yourself.

  2. Nice that you can cross stuff off your list so early in the year. Congrats!!!

  3. Go big or go home! Been there. Looking forward to hearing about boxing...