Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sitting Back after a Really Long Day

Todays Itinerary:

0700: wake up
0900: History of the Middle East
1100: Film + History
1400: Stuffing food in self
1500: History of the Middle East
1600: Run home and change
1700: Film + History
1800: Meeting with bosses
1930: Meeting ends early, HURRAY!
2000: Boxing
2141: Home sweet home

Awesome day all around although a little exhausting. I ate clean except for two mini quiche just now. You know how it is - us bingers binge at night. Not that I really had time earlier. The meeting went well - except I found out I'll be playing army this summer instead of doing second language training, which is what I had been hoping for. Hubby and I decided he'll call to wake me up every morning, since the only thing that can actually get me out of bed is his ringtone, knowing that my "are you up? good morning. i love you." is coming. Boxing was a blast, I went with the girl I met last night and we're going again tomorrow. I also have crossfit at 0930 tomorrow. I'm going to take some time to read and comment on some of the Spring Chick blogs out there, but I have a LOT of housework to do ( I ripped my apartment apart somehow in my rush to get ready for my impromptu boxing sesh last night) and then some research for two stupid assignments for stupid classes coming up at the end of the month. Bah humbug on that part.

Also, the tags: Even though it was probably random I'm actually really flattered I got tagged... TWICE! But each time I try and sit down to do it I keep going to bad places in the answer - which is weird - but I decided that as much as this is (mostly) anonymous and a safe space, I want to keep the karma pretty clean for now. Maybe I'll share my unhappy place someday. But for now, I'm sorry to the two that tagged me, but know you made my day :)

The Immigrant Song from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
This makes me feel almost as BA as Lisabeth, which makes me want to kick ass. I love the beat and I love that its a woman singing! Also, I think the part where she yells kind of sounds like a war cry which is awesome.


  1. Busy productive days always make you feel good when you get into bed at night.
    Love those busy days.

  2. Theres a big difference between you and I being productive though - you're a mommy! I won't ever try and say that even my busiest day as a student is as hectic as parenting!

  3. Wow! What a crazy day, all the best. You are a rock star!