Friday, January 20, 2012

update on last night

Ya I binged. Kept it in my calorie count though, tracked it all (thanks to the suggestion in my comments that I track online). Amazing, before I would have binged on chocolate or chips, but since I'd cut out grains (my favorite food) I wanted them so bad I just had some crackers, pickles, cereal and pasta salad (and by JUST i mean JUST had a lot). I used a small plate, moved to a different floor to eat, and generally tried to slow the binge as much as I could. C'est la vie. On another note, this is awesome and true:

Picture from

* NOTE: Please don't think I don't value yoga and the other exercises at the top of the pyramid, I think they're great it their own right!


  1. Sometimes we need a binge to get back on track. I like this little triangle that you posted.

  2. Haha this hierarchy makes me want to try CrossFit!!

  3. I like your pyramid. I know that cross fit is badd Azz...