Thursday, January 12, 2012

mamacita est un idota

The title of this post should tell you two things about me.
1.) I don't speak Spanish.
2.) I am an idiot.

During yesterdays crossfit workout I used 100lbs for my deadlifts. This would be fine if we were doing only a few reps. We did 55. I know I shouldn't be doing 100lbs but I did it anyway. Near the end I could feel my back curling, and I knew I was losing my form. I tried to pretend I didn't notice, but I was even 'subconsciously' waiting until my trainer wasn't looking to do my lifts and powering them out of the way before she looked back (at this point in the workout I was only doing 5 or less at a time). Guess what?

My back hurts like hell. I had to forgo boxing tonight because I want to be able to do my W.O.D. tomorrow. I'll wait it out to see if it's an injury or just soreness. I don't think I'm broken, but I think I'm pretty damn close and it is sincerely due to my own stupidity. I don't get down on myself often but I'm pretty upset. I knew better, I know better, this shouldn't have happened.

Tonight I did one hour of hatha yoga. I explained my situation and he gave me different moves to do in places that may hurt or strain my back, like the rounded back toe touches. He also suggested I do some cow-cat in the morning what I wake up to loosen myself up for the day. I couldn't thank him enough for all of that. Afterwards I drove over to crossfit and used their foam rollers and lacrosse balls to try and work out some of the tension. So thats a warning: If you're going to be an idiot and let your form go shitty, you'll have to go embarrass yourself rolling around like a moron in front of a bunch of on ramp people. God I hope I didn't make them all think "pshh.. if she doesn't crossfit I don't wanna do crossfit".

I have been eating clean so far this week. I even asked hubby if we could make an effort to eat clean when he comes down tomorrow. He loved the idea and is pretty excited, he bought a pineapple and some other yummy things to bring with him. I've been using MyFitnessPal and I'm rarely coming in over 1000cal, and haven't hit more than 1200 this week. It keeps warning me that I'm risking putting my body into starvation mode. I don't think I believe it. I've been eating really high quality foods and not denying myself - if I'm hungry I eat. I guess we'll see.

I haven't been drinking enough water. I know this. The only time I get in my 8 cups is when I'm working out, and then I need even more. I've been dehydrated since Monday. I've even had a couple of gatorades during longer workouts and nothing much is changing. If anyone has any tips on how they manage to keep their consumption up, please let me know, thanks!


  1. Flavor! Its a good way to help get your water if you just find it boring. A slice of lemon or cucumber etc adds good flavor. For me that still isnt really enough, I need to put reminders in my phone. Keep a water bottle that holds a few cups and put 3 or 4 reminders in my phone. My problem is just that I forget.

  2. Thanks for the idea! I'm gunna test the water with the phone alarm, and slowly introduce flavor. Little nervous though! It's not often I step outside my comfort zone :P

  3. Flavor has never really done it for me unless it's those sugar filled additives and I try to steer clear of those. In the last few months I filled a jug of water up everyday that has the amount of water I'm suppose to drink in it. It sits on my desk in front of me during the day. It's so much easier for me to remember when I see how much I need to drink.