Sunday, January 8, 2012

SCC Check In #2

Last weeks goals:

  1. record EVERYTHING I eat via myfitnesspal app. be honest.
  2. run this weeks 5k harder than last weeks (replace 4.5 with 5 and 5.5 with 5.8)
  3. 2x weight workouts, core and upper body. done
Last weeks starting weight: 137 lbs.

This Weeks Goals:
  1. go to crossfit three times, work out at the gym at least twice.
  2. Take my vitamins (multi, fish oil, C + calcium) every single day.
  3. Don't eat a single meal in front of the TV
  4. Track my meals at least during the weekdays
  5. Pamper myself. Dress nicely for class + moisturize all over at least once a day. Paint toes.
  6. Drink 8 cups of water a day minimum
This Weeks Starting Weight: 138

Last week was a bit of a mix. First, I weighed myself on my moms scale for the original weight which has always been a couple of pounds more forgiving than my own, so I'd consider this week a 'weight maintained'. I tracked most of my food, but because I was often coming back the next day to update it I know there are things that I forgot to include. I did not run another 5k this week so thats a failure all around.

To achieve this weeks goals I will:
- sign up for xfit classes in advance + have hubby call me to wake me up on those days (my new school schedule means that I will have to xfit in the mornings instead of after supper)
- lay out my vitamins in my daily pill container and leave it on my desk/table where I intend to eat my meals.
Those pills are all as huge as they look.

- Eat at my desk/table
- Always carry my phone, plan my meals so that I can track before hand.
- Take a half hour each night that will be dedicated to myself, the things I want and need.
- Carry my 4 cup water bottle at home always and my two cup water bottle while out, always. Figure out a system to mark how much I've had without always having to break out the phone.
I think if Freud got anything right it was his concept of oral fixation. I am (was, have been, whatever) a smoker, and I carried that bottle everywhere drinking constantly. I eventually chewed the top off so there's no more water seal and I can't take it around with me anymore - its always spilling. Being the lucky girl I am, hubby surprised me with the pink one at Christmas. And I.. Well, I surprised him with a red one!
You know it was an accident 'cuz it's impossible to be this cheesy on purpose.

The goals have been made. Lets do it!


  1. nice goals for this week! I like that you are dedicating a half hour each night to yourself. I have been struggling with a lot of stress the past couple weeks, mostly about the weight loss, and I may need to do this also. :)

  2. Those are some sound goals-I hope you have a great week!

  3. Great goals. I also think its ok if you don't meet all of your goals cuz it gives you something to shoot for. I know you will have a great week. Nice water bottles by the way....

  4. Looks like you have some great goals, I would love to hear more about your crossfit experience. Have a great week!

  5. I started putting my vitamins into a pill box a few weeks ago and it has made all the difference.
    Hope you have a great week :)

  6. Great goals.
    You've been tagged.....go to my blog post for the instructions!

  7. Planning out the vitamins into a separated holder is the best way to make sure you get them all in. I have one that I fill every night and throw in my backpack for the next day.
    Love those water bottles - I have a thing for collecting water bottles :)
    Great job on last week, good luck for this week!

  8. Great goals, going to smash them :)

  9. LOL! I too chew on the water bottle straws & such & have to remind myself not to do so! I think I've finally nipped that habit in the bud but I always want to buy new ones still, it's like I'm addicted to water bottles! My most recent one is a Britta bottle with a filter in it. This will be my on the go bottle now cause I can refill from a tap & still filter as I drink it. No need to buy bottled water anymore, I hate paying for drinking water!

  10. I like the variety in your goals! I can definitely see how pampering oneself would be beneficial... especially when life is so busy and stressed!! Good luck with this week <3