Wednesday, February 15, 2012

workouts du jour

30 sec sprint 2 min walk

Push Ups:
6 - 4 - 4 - 5

Ruck March:
38lb ruck

warm up 10X
1 squat, 2 lunges, 1 push up, 2 instep lunges, 1 inch worm

7 rounds for time
10 double wall balls
300m farmers walk
30 double unders
300m farmers walk

Time: 36:90
Wallball: 14lb
Farmers Walk: 16kg

I'm thoroughly zonked, my legs are still sore from my mishap yesterday, but it's okay because tomorrow is my rest day and I'm taking full advantage. One of the girls at crossfit is an avid runner, she's training for a 100 MILE race in September. I asked her a little bit about HIIT and she said that if you jog instead of walk the 2 min portion you'll recover faster but it is a little harder to train yourself to do this. Something interesting to consider in the future.

Pump Up Song: Samuel L. Jackson - Hot Action Cop


  1. That's killer! Tonight I am going to do a Fartlek run. It helps me break into a better jogging/running pace. Very similar to your sprint/ walk, but its sprint/jog.

    So if I feel good, I sprint longer, and if I recover faster, I sprint earlier. I find it more fun than interval training.

  2. i am so utterly intrigued with crossfit & it's the direction i am aiming for. the only gym around here that offers crossfit & training is so ridiculously expensive!

  3. Damn girl! You are a beast! I think that if we ever met we would have a great time working out. Good luck to your buddy running the 100 miler. The girl that leads my running group did a 100 Km (62 miles) last year, she says that it was killer. She even got a tattoo saying ULTRA to commemorate the event.
    All the best for the rest of the week, thanks for the continued support, I really appreciate it.