Saturday, February 25, 2012


I'm going to have to stop posting this crossfit du jour bull - poop. It is taking up far to much space and I imagine anyone who follows me is only a hair away from clicking the unfollow button because I'm always blowing up their feed.

With the said I'm going to - and I'm sure we've all heard or said this before - do one last one!

Normally my rest day, went to badminton with dad again and played at least 6 games. So fun and I'm going to have to look for a pick up league around my school.

Drove in the worst weather of the year 2 hours to get to crossfit, was no dissapointed.

Warm Up:
10 dislocates
10 pull ups
10 step ups on a box equal to or higher than your hip
30 single unders

max push ups

10 push press
10 KBS
10 box jumps

PP: 45 lbs
KBS: 12kg
box jump: 20 inches
Rounds: 9 + 5PP
Max Push Ups: 19


  1. I like your posts so I know what your doing at your CrossFit compared to mine! Does not bother me in the least and really this is for you? No? Does it really matter if any of us have people following us? Maybe, but just saying...people will look at what they want to anyway.

  2. You got gym has Kettle Bell classes specific and Kettle Bell Crossfit classes and then of course the normal CrossFit Classes. Right now, I am doing 1 CrossFit, 1 Kettel Bell, and 1 Olympic Lifting class per week. Also on any of those days when there is a Stretching and Mobility class I do that after to try and get some range of motion back into this old body of mine. Here is the link to the schedule at my gym for you to compare to yours.