Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring Chick Week 7

Last Week
Weight: 132  
  1. go to crossfit 5 times, do at least one cardio workout, one push up workout, one deadlift workout
  2. take vitamins every single day
  3. Spend more time at school doing work
  4. Eat nothing but Paleo Feb 4. - Mar 4
  5. incorporate at least one run into my workout

Last weeks Mini Challenge: all water, all week. Chocolate silk is my 'treat' when I've been eating clean, so my efforts on this one didn't even last the night. Oops.

2/6 . Not the greatest on sticking to my goals. Time to change them and make them more realistic.

This Week: 131.4 lbs 130.8     -.6lbs 1.2 lbs
***EDIT: Scale said 130.8 when I stepped on before my shower, and I like that number much better so I'm subbing it in!
  1. go to crossfit 5 times
  2. focus on portion control
  3. TV goes on only for my scheduled shows RE: Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, Glee, Jersey Shore. Thats four hours and four hours only.
  4. Do something other than crossfit, be it a run / yoga / weights.
  5. Finish Soviet paper by Saturday
This weeks Mini Challenge: Use smaller plates / utensils. I tend to do this anyways, less work on washing the dishes, so hopefully I'll be able to stick to this one.

So I've been eating Paleo for a week and truth be told its going alright. Not many cravings for grains (I've been doing semi paleo for quite a while and I think those were dealt with in the first few weeks). I feel much better. More effective. This past week I've hit 3 PRs (2 full pull ups, 195lb deadlift, 1 rope climb) and as much as it seems like a coincidence it's probably not. Eating clean is probably making all of the difference.
I haven't been focusing on portions at ALL though and a couple of times I overate, a LOT. The small loss this week tells me that eating clean is all find and dandy, but if I'm not working out a lot I don't need that food and I need to cut back. You can still get fat off of too much good food. Blah.


  1. My sister bought chocolate silk right before she left for London so it was just sitting there in the fridge. I decided that I didn't like it enough to waste the calories on it (but knew I potentially would in a moment of "I need chocolate" weakness), so I dumped it down the drain yesterday. Haha, ok, sort of irrelevant, your love of chocolate silk just reminded me of that.

    Congrats on being down .6 lbs!

  2. Congrats on the pull ups, dead lifts, and rope climb. All I would say very monumental accomplishments! Very, very advanced levels of fitness IMHO.

  3. Hello, my weight loss buddy. Stormy posted the buddies the other day. Don't know if you saw. I'll add you on Facebook so we can chat outside blogger.

    You may not have hit all your goals for the week but I think you did fab. Well done on doing the pull ups, dead lifts, and rope climb, you must have great strength. Congrats on the loss. xxx

  4. Great job this week and great goals for the week :) I use smaller plates too (AlOT easier on the dishes lmfao)
    Good luck this week you got this girl!