Tuesday, February 28, 2012

crossfit du jour

Warm Up:
10 hollow rocks
10 supermans
10 hand release push ups
10 pull ups
10 3 sec squat holds

2 times through
30 sec side plank raises
30 sec rest
30 sec side plank raises, other side

60 walking lunges
50 OH squats (75 / 45 lbs)
40 slam balls (20 / 16 lbs)
30 push press (75 / 45 lbs)
20 KB crunches (16 / 12 kg)
1.6 km run or row

Time: 24:16 - a little off, Deb accidentally stopped the clock before I got back but after a minute or so got it back.
Lunges: RX
OH squats: 25lbs
Slam balls: RX
Push Press: RX
KB Crunches: RX
Run: RX

See that? I RXed everything but the OHS. I am so close to an RXed workout I can taste it! (It tastes surprisingly like dark cocoa almond milk... coincidence?) I'm glad I chose to run instead of row even though it was hard and cold. I've had frostbite on my legs so they were pretty sensitive but all is well now. I bailed on one of the overhead squats lol. I find it so hard to keep myself tight esp. when I'm getting tired and I just went down. Like always it seemed like it was in slow motion and on my way down I was thinking "welp.. what do I do with the bar?". I wound up throwing it infront of me, and of course everyone stopped to look and see if I was okay. Embarrassing, but they should know by now that I fall and I always make it back up, LOL. As much as it's from weakness, I'm kind of proud because when I bail I know I literally gave my ALL and that is all I can ask. Hopefully I'll have some surprise pictures for you. Which aren't a surprise anymore so hopefully I come through.

Also I got some comments from people saying they'd like to work out with me.. I'd like to work out with you too! Maybe one day we can set up a challenge where we all do some sort of tabata workout or something that we can do at home without any equipment and post our times, then do it again a few weeks down the line and see if we can improve. I think that'd be a blast.

Pump Up Song: Click Click Boom - Saliva


  1. Ok I'm gonna sound dumb.. But what does RX Mean in this context?

    1. Not dumb at all! I have no idea what RX means, but it stands for perscribed. Each workout has a weight that you're designated to do it at, no higher. Normally I scale every weight of every workout but tonight I was able to do all of the weights (except that darned overhead squat!). I replied here so that I wouldn't be blowing up your blog with unrelated comments :)

  2. WAY TO GO! You are improving by leaps and bounds!

  3. Looks like a great workout! I love overhead squats. The key to them is keeping your core tight. I always just tighten my abs as much as possible. You'll be there in no time with the Rx! :)