Monday, February 27, 2012

crossfit du jour

Warm Up:
6 shuffle + burpee
5 wall squat + hold
10 dislocates + good mornings
5 toes to bar

bench press for one rep max

AMRAP 8 min
10 bench press (60% max)
10 atomic sit ups (14lb)
2 min rest
AMRAP 8 min
10 squats (holding 25lb plate)
10 pull ups ( I used the black band, RX would be no band)

BP 1 rep max: 85lbs
1st AMRAP: 6 rounds + 5 BP w/ 50lb bench and 14lb atomic sit up
2nd AMRAP: 4 rounds + 10 squats + 5 pull ups w/ 25lb plate and black band

I got to partner with D. on the bench presses which was nice. She is really fit so it was cool watching her go and it was our first time partnering together. She was very nice and encouraging.

Wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. The consensus seems to be the same, a cheat is not only okay but actually probably a pretty good idea. There was lots of thought put into each comment and I'd say they are def. worth checking out if you're interested in the subject and have a minute! (check out their blogs too because they are all great writers and interesting people :D )

Pump Up Song: Hot Action Cop - Going Down On It
*While looking for the video to post here I realized I have the non-explicit version, and the explicit version is f*cking filthy! LOL! I posted the cleaner one here.


  1. When I am fit; I'll calm down. :P Bench Press...something I can actually do!! Good weights used in this workout!

  2. Reading this I said to myself "someday I want to work out with this girl"...Haha. You'd kick my butt but I bet it'd be awesome.

  3. Workout seems hardcore! Great!! :D I'd love to work out with you sometime! :D Keep calm and get fit - love it!

  4. That's a great 1 rep max on bench.