Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Chick Week 8

Thats crazy how fast the time is flying

Last Week: 130.8
  1. go to crossfit 5 times
  2. focus on portion control fifty fifty.
  3. TV goes on only for my scheduled shows RE: Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, Glee, Jersey Shore. Thats four hours and four hours only.  Didn't wind up watching the walking dead so watched pretty little liars instead, which I forgot to include here. Once hubby got here for the weekend the TV was on a little more, but to be honest not that much which was nice.
  4. Do something other than crossfit, be it a run / yoga / weightsOn Wedns. in addition to crossfit I did 20 min of speed drills and a 5k ruck march with about 30lbs.
  5. Finish Soviet paper by Saturday Faaaaaaaaail
Last weeks Mini Challenge: Use smaller plates / utensils.  This went really well

This Week: 130.6lbs  -.2
  1. go to crossfit 4 times, do two other workouts
  2. finish soviet paper, begin middle easter and armoured warfare papers
  3. begin studying for middle easteren midterm
  4. take fish oil + vitamins every day
  5. drink one cup of green tea a day
  6. drink a decent amount of water each day
This weeks mini challenge: Challenge a friend. This won't really happen because this is my reading week so except for crossfit I'll be locked away alone in my apartment doing school work. Thursday is set aside to visit my parents so I may ask mom or dad to go to the gym with me, but mom has been doing min half hour elliptical twice a day and dad is literally an athlete so I won't exactly be changing anything. Besides, all throughout the normal school week I'm inviting people out to crossfit, and I even leant out my (139$) p90x videos.

How was the 7th week...: Was alright. Could have seen more success.
Did you remain sweets free...: No. for the first time since early Jan. I had a sweet. It was a coconut macaroon, a sweet because it was made with honey. It was soo good.
How were your workouts? Workouts were awesome, most specifically Cindy on Friday.
How was your water consumption? Alright. It's never as good as many of the ladies I see through the SCC though so I'm inspired to get it up.
What do you think of the mini challenges?  I love the mini challenges.
What did you do for yourself that was fun? Shopping and seeing Hubby

As for my loss, or lack-there-of. I think there could be two causes. I worked out hard this week so I'd say it's either muscle weight offsetting fat lass weight, or I'm plateauing because as of starting paleo I've been shying away from any sort of food tracking. Making everything homemade is almost impossible to track on MFP but maybe I'll begin just writing things down so I can look and see what needs to change. I don't know. This weekend i had a couple of cheats, a coconut macroon that was paleo but had honey which is questionable,  and a paleo recipe for cinamin buns. It doesn't matter if I'm using whole foods, I still need to eat right. Trying to break through the barrier to the 120s is going to take everything I got. Hubby will be in the field this week so very little contact, plus I prob. won't see him next weekend. It's very sad but when he's gone its easier to accomplish these things because I can kind of just act like a robot I guess.. It's just me and emptyness in the apartment, no lovely little texts, so you just go.

Do you have an easy and reliable method of tracking? Do you think it is an important part of weight loss, even with clean eating? If anyone could share their meal plans or give me advice on how to make one of my own it'd be greatly appreciated.


  1. Hey, great informative post. I think that tracking is important (even though I don't do a great job of it). It can help you in though times to look back and see what you ate when you were losing. I usual go with the good ol' pen and paper. I have a small agenda that I carry that I can write my food/water/exercise in.

    I hope that you have a good week and good luck with all your school work!

  2. Well I do WW so I track points - I use a pen and journal. Right now while I'm doing this metabolic diet, I'm not counting points but am loosely keeping track of carbs. I think it's helpful to track even when you're eating clean because too much good food is still too much food and it's easy to overeat if I can convince myself it's healthy!

    I know lots of people who do calories in/out and that works for them - there's lots of great sites sparkpeople, myfitnesspal etc. or pen and paper works too!

  3. Sorry this is totally off track but I watch pretty little liars too and it's awesome. I was beginning to plateau, so I started tracking more tightly but then every few days I have a day when I eat more and over my goal, just to keep my body guessing. :D Good Luck!