Tuesday, February 7, 2012

crossfit du jour

I'm exhausted so I'll try and keep this one short!

find one rep max sumo dead lift
Result: 195lbs (new PR!)

5 rounds (cut off 10 min)
5 sumo dead lift
12 kettlebell swings
*7 burpees each time you break in kettlebell swings
Results: 7:15 with no burpees
Weight: 105lbs SDL, 12KG KBS

Whole point of the WOD was to do a short, HEAVY workout. My weights are so low because I'd strained by back a little on the last sumo deadlift looking for my max and, considering I'd done the same only a month ago with pain that lasted about a week, I took it easy. I hate taking it easy. But I got a new PR.

Oh ya! I got two PRs tonight. The second was getting 2 consecutive FULL PULL UPS! Before tonight I didn't even think I could do one. So that feels downright amazing.

I love crossfit and I think it can be an amazing thing for just about anyone. You have to go to a good gym, though, thats the key. If you don't have a good gym, you're better off sticking to body weight wods at home, in front of a mirror, practicing your form. That said, if anyone is even remotely interested in crossfit, I got an email! Send any questions, thoughts, concerns to desperate.studentxx@gmail.com ! I'd love to tell anyone who is interested what to expect, what to look for, and if you have any questions I CAN'T answer I'll send them over to my trainers and get some qualified advice! If even one person considers crossfit cuz of me I'll be pretty happy :) xxxx


  1. COngrats on the Pr. You are my cross fit idle. WTG!!

  2. Amazing work! I can hear your excitement in your post. I am so happy for you and your new PR. All the best this week!

  3. Someday...I swear I'm going to try this someday.