Tuesday, February 21, 2012

yeah, more crossfit stuff

Crossfit or Seizure?
The description of this video says "why you should never talk to a crossfitter at the gym". I have no idea why or what this is and it's a little vulgar but I laughed pretty hard and thought I'd share it.

Where Crossfit Can Take You

Anybody Can Do Anything
A huge part of crossfit is scaling the workout to your own ability. To date I haven't used the prescribed weight in a workout. This video shows an amazing young woman who demonstrates that not only can anyone crossfit, anyone can do anything they set their mind too.

Anyone Can Crossfit
Talks about scaling, the atmosphere, benefits, and probably more stuff that I like about crossfit. I don't know I'm starting to get tired, it's late.

My take on all of this?
First off, I didn't realize it was law to use some crappy loud song in your crossfit video.. Just joking! Second off, my definition of crossfit is a little shorter than most of these videos. To me, crossfit is ordinary people doing extraordinary things. At my gym there are men and women who went from obese to a level of fitness on par with the best people in these videos in a year or two. No magic pills, no surgery, just commitment and hard work, that I think is fostered in the crossfit community. I love crossfit. Do crossfit, don't, but I'd feel guilty if I didn't try my best to share the one thing that got me fitness after a lifetime of searching!

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  1. this just makes me want it more -- i have gotta find some crossfit peeps out my way!!!!