Friday, February 10, 2012

crossfit du jour

Warm Up:
500m row
10 dislocates
10 overhead squats
10 pull ups
10 dumbell push press (15lbs)
10 burpees
10 GHD sit ups
1 rope climb

Work on goal (my goal: 10 full pull ups)

30 power snatches (RX for women 85lbs)

Time: 3:19
Weight: 45lbs

My time indicates that I needed to use a much higher weight. When working out what my weight should be, I went straight from 45 to 55lbs and couldn't get it up. I didn't try again, didn't try adding 10 or 5lbs instead. That was a mistake.

Talking to my trainer today she suggested 3 days on, one off, two on each week. I know I said I'd stick out the daily WOD just last post, but I think professional opinion rules over my own here. I can still do my own workouts on off days and post crossfit. The only thing that kills me is that I HATE the days that I don't crossfit, I feel unaccomplished and restless. Maybe after a couple of weeks Deb will re-evaluate and tell me I should come daily (please oh please!)

Lastly, you saw that right. Todays warmup included a rope climb. I didn't make it the first time, but did the second time I tried. New achievement! I was wearing shorts and coming down was AWFUL, haha, but still worth it.

Pump Up Song: Home - Mumford and Sons

Not really all that pumpy, but its beautiful and I've been listening to it non stop since I heard it, so I thought I'd share. Any of you listen to Mumford and Suns regularly? Any suggestions on songs I might like?


  1. What a workout! I ended up checking out a crossfit forum after reading one of your posts last week and I'm gonna start adding a time challenge to one of my weekly workouts. Seems really motivating to see an improvement each week.

  2. I still have a scar from a rope burn on the inside of my thigh from when I was 10, coming down a rope in P.E. class. Have never ever climbed a rope since then. You are a brave girl!

  3. Woooow, that is a killer workout! The rope thing sounds incredible, I'm not sure I could ever climb one .. the descent sounds awful too! :p

  4. You are in beast mode that is for sure. I think you should listen to your trainer. I think you will still see kick butt results...

  5. You're still doing awesome even if you need to take a rest day!!

  6. Even in elementary school when I *could* do the monkey bars (oh so fun!!!) I still could NEVER, EVER do a rope climb!!! It was soooo frustrating and embarrassing to me as a little girl. I just was never strong enough! What's up with that? Later in life, I always found myself not very strong in the arm department as other women. I'm doing a ton of arm work with Chalean DVDs and I hope it works. I can't afford Crossfit at this time. :-( It looks so much funner!