Saturday, December 31, 2011

workout du jour

I thought I would share my outfit today as it was entirely Christmas presents. The pink shirt was from my parents, the yoga pants were from Dad to Mum but they were just a little too small. I get her workout clothes that are just a little to small until she can fit them again (she's doing the elliptical twice a day so I'm sure I'll lose custody soon). Okay, on to the workout!

1 hr Elliptical, 600 cal, 5.3 miles
Unfortunately this is all I got to do today. The hubby is still having major problems with his knee but refuses to use anything but the treadmill, and so was hurting too bad after an hour to keep on. I totally respect where he's coming from, I'm not really a fan of the elliptical, but I know my limits. My lower body is feeling the last few days and and hours worth of cardio i don't particularly enjoy is better than none.

This is my hand grippy thing. I really have no idea what it is actually called, nor what I should be calling the exercise that you do with it. All you do is squeeze it. You really feel it in the forearms. I need to do this because my pullups get slowed down by my weak hand grip. It was another Christmas present, from my lovely fiance. I'm going to make it my goal to do minimum a hundred squeezes per hand per day. Since I didn't do any form of weights today I'm going to aim for 300/hand. I'll let you know if I make it tomorrow ;)

Being New Years Eve and all I'm not expecting to eat clean tonight. Food is a tricky subject for me, I really don't like diets. I like to eat clean for the sake of training, but I also like to enjoy food. So that is what I'm going to do tonight. The hubby is making supper which will be great - he is an amazing cook. And dessert will be my weakness, chips and dip! Yum.

Song of the Day:
Dance (A$$) Remix with Nicki Minaj - Big Sean
It's pretty vulgar, consider that your warning! But for my ladies working on their backside, it could help get that last little bit of effort out of you that's been hiding just out of reach ;)

Happy New Years to everyone! xx

- Desperate Student

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