Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Resolution Acheived, and it's only NYE

One of my goals for this year was to pick up a hobby, probably knitting. I decided to start out making a small scarf for my hubby to wear out in the field (they can wear just about anything out there in the winter, as long as the color matches their uniform).

I stopped by wal mart on boxing day and picked up some camo wool and knitting needles and got to work.  Unfortunately my nana lives about 5 hours away so I didn't have her help. She's awesome at knit and crochet because her mom used to own a wool store. Instead I used this video off of youtube that I found very helpful. It shows how to cast on, knit, cast off. The basics.

There were some SERIOUS problems with my little project. First, I thought to be big enough a scarf needed about 50-100 knits. Turns out it only needs about 12 and so I wound up knitting the scarf width-wise instead of lengthwise. This and my general lack of knitting skills made the scarf really short and really curved. To combat the shortness I added a button on it, to fasten through one of my many dropped-stitch holes. This 'mistake' was actually a great thing, and my fiance -who doesn't normally wear scarves- likes this size of it so much that he wears it almost every day. My next knitting goal is to make him another (longer) scarf with one row knit, one row purl stitches. I want to master the purl stitch so that I can move on to other, non scarf projects! So far I haven't been to good with it and I had to unravel a good five inches of knitting haha.

I took the first step and emailed the boxing club I was hoping to join in my town. Will soon found out if this is something I can afford and if the scheduling will fit with my classes! Can't wait.

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