Thursday, December 29, 2011


02. Todays Workout:
30 minutes treadmill
I usually keep it at a comfortable jog (4.5) so today I started at 5.0 to push myself a little. About fifteen minutes in I went to 5.7 for five minutes, then between 4.5 and and 5.0 for the remainder. Warm up was stretches and walking around the gym.
3 sets 10 reps v-sits
8 kg medicine ball
3 sets 10 rep jumping pull ups
using a stand to reach the pullup bar that I didn't realize wasn't properly put together. it fell apart on my second rep of my first set, I fell straight on my ass. Very funny, very thankful no one else was around.
3 sets 5 reps sumo dead lifts
this was just to pass the time, weight was 12kg and under.
About 20min sparring with fiance, hitting heavy bag, speed bag
very, very, very fun. must actually join boxing club. i hurt my pinkie knuckle and im calling it my first war wound (it isn't serious at all).

01. I've lost five pounds this holiday season. Yesterday was the first day I exercised, and I haven't been eating clean. This means that I had five pounds of muscle mass to lose, which is kind of cool. Ready to put it back on.

Trying to make my fitness goals a little more tangible so that they are more easily tracked and I have a CLEAR goal instead of a 'moveable finish line'.

Jan: Run 5k at least once a week
Feb: Run 5k at least twice a week
March: Run 5k at least three times a week
April: Begin running between 8 and 10k at least twice a week.

always work on improving times.
if needed distance can be raised.

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