Friday, December 30, 2011

spring chick challenge seems like a cute + fun way to share experiences

Name: Desperate Student ;)
Blog URL:
Age: 21
Location: Canada

non-scale victory: increase 1 rep max for deadlift, improve time for 5k, fit into skinny jeans, improve number of consecutive push ups, get a full unassisted pull up.

exercise: maintain crossfit 3x/week, run one 5k/week increasing monthly, join a boxing club, begin taking part in other exercise programs offered at my school gym esp. yoga and swimming.

nutrition: slowly make paleo diet changes, attempting to remove majority of grain products. Drink min. 8 cups of water / day (juice + protein drinks count depending on what they are). Switch to egg whites only.
avoid bingeing.

starting weight: About 140
target challenge weight loss: 125-130

I look forward to supporting and being supported by everyone taking part. From what I've seen everyone has really great but also attainable goals. Looking forward to being inspired by everyones success!

- Desperate Student


  1. Your goals look good. I've heard of the Paleo diet but never really looked into it. Off to Google!

  2. Looking forward to doing the challenge with you

  3. Loving the goals! I'm 23, so I'm just a little bit older and I know how hard it can be to balance school weightloss. That's how I gained back the 75 pounds I lost (and more) eep. But I'm back on track now! Looking forward to doing this challenge with you!