Friday, December 30, 2011

Surya Namaskara - Sun Salutations

03. 30/12/2011, Friday, 2242hrs 
Today wound up being a rest day, although not on purpose. My right ankle, left foot shin knee, are both hurting while the fiance is having lower body pain as well. I have excuses but I'm not going to share them here, because excuses won't make me fit! I did do the yoga routine I mention in this entry so at least I wasn't couch - potatoing all day. While I do wish I had made it to the gym, regrets are a waste of time so I'll just move on and do better tomorrow! xx

02. 30/12/2011, Friday,1150hrs

Ran through it after a little breakfast. Felt GREAT on my sore muscles! Will def. keep this one up, suggest it for anyone about to work out / just woke up/ sitting on the couch doing nothing instead of something (that last one is me haha)!

01. 30/12/2011, Friday, 1100hrs
^ new attempt to format the blog. I'm still not comfortable with how I'm posting. I thought maybe only one post / day, and updates would go above the original entry with date / time so they are distinguishable. also numbers because i like how o number looks.


Eventually I want to regularly attend the yoga classes held at my school, but until then I thought incorporating sun salutations into my mornings and warmups would be a great way to start. My body is telling me today that my stretching (or mostly lack-there-of) is not sufficient at the moment. The information that I am going to be including in this post will, I hope, be an interesting read, but I highly suggest you go to the website and read everything over as it is very informative, well written, and contains a lot of information that I chose to leave out hear. The purpose of this is mainly a reference point for myself in future rounds of sun salutations. Felt like I had to share that so I didn't dupe anyone into thinking this was informative or anything, haha.

- performed at the beginning of a yoga session as a warm up
- several rounds is sufficient for a complete routine. easy gentle way to increase circulation and decrease stress.
- better a hot room than a cold room
- important: DO NOT STRETCH BEYOND YOUR ABILITY. Flexibility comes with time, forcing it won't work and your only gunna hurt yourself, girl.

Image of the routine/poses:

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