Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today I...

Excercise: 5k run in about 39 min (wow thats nowhere near where I used to be), about 1 min on the heavy bag just for fun! 10 pushups just to make sure I still could.
Eating: not clean. very not clean.
2 eggs, coffee with cream, terrys chocolate orange ;)

I really liked the heavy bag and will hopefully do a bit more with it tomorrow. Hoping to add in a bit of skipping and try out the Jacobs Ladder machine. I always see them using it on I Used to Be Fat and it looks really challenging. If they can do it so can I.

There is a really neat account on tumblr where they post 'reasons to be fit'. I think it is really neat what they do and how they are all empowering instead of hateful like most of the 'thinspo' I see. I love it and it is definitely worth visiting. This was the one that inspired me today:

I'm going to have to creep around the site and see if it says where they get all of those awesome pictures from.

Todays pump up song at the gym was:

Great remix of Rock Star by N.E.R.D. The original is great but this takes that and makes it run-able.

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