Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday the 18th

Tuesday April 17th
4 rounds for time
400m run
25 slam balls (16 lbs)

19ish minutes

Wednesday April 18th
Strength: Overhead Squat
1 rep - 50lbs
10 reps - 35lbs
1 rep - 70lbs
20 reps - 45lbs
1 rep - 80lbs
30 reps - 50lbs

New 1RM of 80lbs!
We could take breaks in the multiple rep sets but were not supposed to take many. I didn't take any for the 10 or 20. For the thirty I took several, but never purposefully, only when I bailed on a rep. The final ten-ish I was only doing one or two at a time.

3 rounds of
30 sec DL @ bodyweight
30 sec hand release push ups
30 sec sit ups
30 sec kettlebell swings
1 min rest

Total reps: 164
DL: 135lbs
KBS: 12kg

Really enjoyed this one. Rx for KBS was 16 and I thought I had a 16 but grabbed 12 by accident. The first round of KBS, since I thought I had a 16, I thrusted way to hard and wound up throwing the kettlebell right over my head, lol.

@ Kelly: Thanks for all of your positive comments, they mean a lot! WOD stands for workout of the day. Some other acronyms (there are tons):
AMRAP - as many reps/rounds as possible
EMOM - every minute on the minute
OHS - overhead squat
KBS - kettlebell swings
SDHP - sumo deadlift high pull
FS - front squat
HPC - hang power clean
BB/DB - barbell / dumbell
Those are the only ones that really come to mind right now. There are TONS though!

@Angie: I wish I could do two a days all of the time! I've done two so far in the last seven days. My box is pretty small so the WOD is the same for all classes so when I go again, I'm doing the same thing over. When there is space I modify some of the moves, though. Also, I'm still pretty new to fitness so my coaches 'put their foot down' sometimes, and encourage me to make use of my rest time. I really want to go back tonight, so we'll see how that goes!

Now, some pictures!
I made my bed perfectly right before going to sleep last night. I don't remember waking up in the middle of the night or anything. Wth do I do in my sleep?! PS yes at 21 I still have multiple teddy bears that share my bed.

I'm the only one at my box who has really embraced the 'crossfitters wear knee-socks' thing. I love them, love the compression and how they save me from double under whips, deadlift scrapes and rope climb burns! I always run errands after the gym though and I'm pretty sure people think I'm crazy :)

A close of of todays socks. The color is pretty demure, but zebra print!

A little rant:
I don't get angry or anything, but I'm always shocked when I'm walking through a doorway right behind someone and they drop the door on me. I will wait, like a long time, to hold the door open for people, especially if they're elderly. I can't understand why some people don't, because it's a really simple way to feel good about yourself. It makes me feel awesome when someone smiles and thanks me for holding the door. And it's such a stupid little easy thing to do! 


  1. Runners wear compression socks too!
    You amaze me! You are so young and you have so much dedication and sense of purpose.

  2. Ahh - thank you for explaining. I feel like I should've known all that already! Hehe. Chivalry & being polite aint dead. So I don't know what people's problems are. Hold the door if someone is behind you. A very simple gesture that says a lot about a person.

  3. OOoh i'm so with you on the door thing! I ALWAYS hold doors for people, it's an amazing small thing you can to brighten someone's day.