Tuesday, April 3, 2012

she's back! but only for a little while.

Tues Mar 20
10 rounds (maxed out at 20 minutes)
5 thrusters (55lb)
10 pull ups (black band)
100m run

1. 1:30
2. 1:42
3. 1:43
4. 1:56
5. ?
6. 1:46
7. 2:07

Maybe because it was such a hot day, this was way harder than it looks. Maybe the hardest WOD I've done so far. DNF.

Weds Mar 21
5000m row


Thurs Mar 22
AMRAP 7 min
3 thrusters (45lbs)
3 chest to bar

adding 3 reps each round (second round is 6 reps, third 9, etc.)
64 reps total

7 wall ball (14lb)
7 burpees

5 rounds

14 russian twists (12lb)
7 atomic sit ups (12lb)

10 rounds

Friday Mar 23
double unders
sit ups


fuck ya! I got the best time of anyone at the gym for that day. It was killer and just goes to show that I need to push myself harder all of the time. Loved this.

Monday Mar 26
AMRAP 17 min
10 lay down stand up
100 single unders

9 rounds

Tuesday Mar 27
4 rounds
40 squats
400m run


2 rounds of 3 reps every 30 seconds for 2:30 (15 reps total per round)
deadlift 145lb

Wedns Mar 28
2 min 250m row + max KBS remaining time
3 min 500m row + max KBS remaining time
4 min 750m row + max KBS remaining time
5 min 1000m row + max KBS remaining time
add together KBS reps for score


Thurs Mar 29
AMRAP 20 min
30 sec handstand hold
30 sec squat hold
30 sec l-sit hold
30 sec chin over bar hold

6 rounds + L sit

Strength: strict press 1RM

Fri Mar 30
Fight gone bad in partners
3 min wall ball
3 min sumo deadlift highpull
3 min box jump
3 min push press
3 min row for calories

one partner works while the other rests, switching off as needed.
no results for this one.

Mon Apr 2
Round 1:
3 min
4 clean and jerk, as many situps as possible in remaining time.
increase weight, repeat w/ 3 C+J
increase weight, repeat w/ 2 C+J
increase weight, repeat w/ 1 C+J for 1RM
total sit ups: 333
C+J 1RM: 95lbs

this was AWESOME. Struggled so hard on the last C+J but the people for the next class were all there and were cheering me on and applauded when I got it. Felt sooo good!

Thought of the day:
It is sad when people blame others for their poor fitness. No mater how supportive or unsupportive others are, you are 100% responsible for the decisions you make, from healthy eating to regularly exercising. If you wanted it, you'd make time. You cannot blame anyone else for the work that you aren't willing to put in.

This falls in line with the larger problem of excuses in general. An excuse is nothing more than rationalizing doing or not doing something. It doesn't change what the right thing to do is, it doesn't change the damage you've done. If you commit to your goals, your life won't change, but you'll no longer have excuses. Not because you no longer have long days at work or because people stop having birthdays with cake or anything like that, but because you'll be making the right choices.

Why lie to yourself? If you don't want to change, have some confidence and don't pretend that you're trying so that you.. what? look cool?

I think, according to pintrest, I'm not the only one who feels that way.

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  1. No your right...if we want things we will always find time to do them and trying to be fit and healthy is no different. Everyone's routine will not look the same but ultimately if you want it, like you do, it has to as important as a roof over your head. Its that simple I think.