Monday, April 16, 2012

Crossfit du jour

Saturday April 14
partner row, only one working at a time, switch off as needed
max meters in 30 min
6+ K

partner med ball sit ups, 10 min
20 lb / 16 lb med ball

My partner was awesome and made this WOD lol

Monday April 16
3 rounds
400m run
5 burpee box jumps
7 push press (55lbs)
9 toes 2 bar


2 rds
10 bench leg raises
10 35lb good mornings

Pump Up Song: Brand New B*tch - Anjulie

I've gotten a lot of congratulations on athlete of the month. Everyone does, but I think this is honestly the first time I've gotten an 'award', definitely the first time for fitness! I'm so flattered and so, so happy!


  1. This is third time I'm trying to make this comment!!

    You deserve the award and the kudos - you work damn hard!

  2. You were Athlete of the Month? That is awesome! Great Job!