Tuesday, April 3, 2012

crossfit du jour

21 Deadlift
2 lengths of gym, walking lunges, weight overhead
15 DL
2 lengths walking lunges
9 DL
2 lengths walking lunges

Rx weight: 150 DL, 25lb walking lunges

125lb DL
Rx walking lunges

This was an awesome workout, felt great. I should have gone Rx because I was able to do 11 consecutive reps, could have done more, and got through the final 9 unbroken which is a problem! Everyone was congratulating me on my time and then someone was like 'don't you smoke?!' which led to a lot of flack, lol. I should quit, they're right. Maybe the time is coming. I don't know! I know with CAP coming up though, if I quit now I'll either start again or be a big ol' useless uptight bag of nerves when I go. I'll try and work something out.

Not a Jillian Michaels fan, but awesome quote.


  1. You're back! Hope you're doing ok, but by the sounds of the the workouts you are!

    I found a crossfit gym that's opened near me as well, but it's £55/month! Is that what most crossfit places are like?

    1. Thought it was easier to reply here. Thanks so much for the advice. For some reason I thought you were also in the UK and I was like :S when you posted in $$.

      Anyways, I think the price you said is roughly what they're charging, so it seems to be standard. I checked out the facebook page for the gym and it looks so intimidating! Everyone is BUFF! I found one chubby girl and was thinking maybe I could befriend her for support, how sad is that? I'm going to go along after work next week and look in at the class that's on to check it out.

      It's not even just for the fitness, I think crossfit seems like a great way to make friends and this "healthy living" stuff is becoming such a big part of my life that I wanted to meet people who had a passion for it as well. Does that make sense?

  2. Welcome back!! I missed your work out posts. I've promised myself when I get to 185 I will take a crossfit class.

  3. Quit when you are ready. Plan visualize and execute! I know easier then said but the last time I quit I was not ready and it was hell for a year and a half. This time I don't miss it (thank goodness). Butt out when your ready is my point! All smoker's know its bad for them. Good luck!

  4. Walking lunges are the devil! But they make for a nice looking junk in the trunk!

  5. WOO! You go girl!

    Baby steps! If anyone tells you they lost all the weight and quit smoking and achieved all their goals in a day, they're a big liar. You know what you want to do! And don't let anyone badger you about your smoking. I am a nurse, I can read facts off a piece of paper. But you probably already know them! So keep on going, you are doing awesome. And when you're ready, IT WILL HAPPEN (just like losing weight for me!).

  6. I missed you! Smoking is bad (that is all I will say). Congratulations on all your work. You are really making improvements.

  7. Awesome job! And girl - you made my day with your lovely comment on my blog. Thank you!!!!!

  8. Thank-you for the comment, I do not feel like an athlete in the least bit but I appreciate the positivity!! I am glad you liked the post and I know when your ready, you will be ready!