Wednesday, April 11, 2012

another long one!

Weds April 4
4 rounds for quality, not time
15 ring rows
15 ring dips
30 second L-sit hold

cashout: tabata sit ups
lowest reps - 17. Started with and maintained throughout.

Thursday April 5
3 rounds
500m row
25 burpees
25 box jumps
400m row
time: 32:46

This workout was INSANE! Thats the 50% modification that I did. RX was 1000m row, 50 burpees, 50 box jumps, 800m run. Hubby came and did RX, took him just under 40 minutes to do two rounds. No one that tried RX got more than 2 rounds. I was really proud of him and DAMN is he fiiine. It was nice watching him finish ;)

Friday, April 6
Gym was closed, so I held a WOD in the park! It was awesome, good turnout and lots of fun.
10 rounds for time
10 push ups
10 squats
10 sit ups

People brought non-crossfit friends so I was kind of coaching + encouraging people while we did this. My time was around 10 minutes but I don't quite remember. Afterwards we went to the park for the cashout and did pull ups and ghd style sit ups on the monkey bars. Really, it was so much fun!

Saturday April 7
Team WOD. One partner at each station, switch when the runner gets back. As many reps as possible in 20 minutes.
1. 200m run
2. rest
3. thrusters
4. pull ups
5. slam balls
6. medicine ball side to sides

didn't record reps, again was a fun one. There is only one class on Saturdays so you get to meet people that go to the classes you don't attend. The only one I haven't been to is the 630am class (yaaaa right) so I met a girl named M.

Sunday April 8
Gym closed
5k run
I think it was around 32 min

but that doesn't sound right for me. I walked a lot. The running app on my phone cut off so I gad to guestimate. I'd been gone for about 15 minutes when it cut out. I got back about 15 minutes after it cut out. I feel like I messed up timing or something though. Hubby did the same course but a little longer, it's really hilly, and he wore a 20lb vest! Even though he ran about 6 or 7k he still beat me, lol.

5 rounds for time
2 lengths gym walking lunges, RX 35lb barbell overhead
21 burpees

Time: 1620
Weight: RX

Cashout max overhead squats @ 65lbs
Got 3 @ 55lbs

Tuesday 10 April
Tabata something else .5
4 rounds of 20 sec work 10 sec rest / exercise
pull ups
push ups

around 170 reps

Cashout: 50 clean and jerks, RXed weight @ 55lbs

On the first round of pull ups, I met my goal for the last few months (and life) of getting TEN FULL PULL UPS! I am a very, very happy camper. I hate to sound self righteous but seriously, it just goes to show how hard work and dedication = results. I only got my first full pull up a couple of months ago!

Wednesday April 11
21 - 15 - 9
hang power clean, RX 65lb
hand stand push ups
dead lift, RX 115lb
ring dips

Time: 1600
Weight: RX
modified both HSPU and ring dips

Like I said, that was a long one.

Now for pictures!

hubby doesn't wear his glasses to work out. At the Saturday WOD, he thought the chalk bucket was empty and flipped it over to write on it. I was nice enough to vacuum up the mess, but not before he did this during the group picture. I thought it was a love tap or something, and didn't know about it until after we got home.

The pull up bar that the Easter bunny brought me
sit ups on the monkey bars
me finishing my pull ups. I was the only one short enough to be able to successfully kip haha

Pump Up Song: Glee - I Can't Go For That
oh yes she did! total gleek.


  1. I wanna be you when I grow up!! I would have loved your park workout!!!

  2. Being able to do a pullup - even if it's just one - is one of my goals. Talk about a hardcore workout! :-)

  3. oooh i love that the easter bunny brought you a pull up bar -- coolio!


  4. Congrats on your ten full pull ups!!! You've been working hard. Hope you use your at-home pull up bar more than I do. ;)

  5. I love everything about this post! Also, we did the exact same WOD on Monday..OH lunges/burpees. I hated every 21 minutes of it! That's awesome it only took you 16 minutes!