Thursday, March 1, 2012

crossfit du jour

Warm Up:
10 dislocates
10 OHS
10 pull ups
10 good mornings
10 dips
2 instep lunges
10 squats

snatch drills

Crossfit Open WOD 2

In 10 minutes:
30 Snatch (M 75 / F 45 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 135 / F 75 lbs)
30 Snatch (M 165 / F 100 lbs)
Max Rep Snatch (M 210 / F 120 lbs)

30 RX
21 55lb

I'm excited that I was able to RX the first. I used 45lbs last time I did Isabelle (30 snatches for time) and I actually knocked some time off of that, although I don't remember how much. I was under three min and my Isabelle was 3:19. I record my WODs because I'm supposed too but I never thought I would get so much joy out of beating a time. Def. inspiration to keep logging and logging well. You probably don't know this, but Thursdays are my rest day. If you did know this, you get the follower of the year award. Seriously. Tell me in the comments and I will make you a reward - but be warned my photoshop trial ran out and it'll be made with paint and I'll expect to see it in your next post if you claim it! LOL. Anyways, I wasn't going to go in today but a fellow crossfitter had in his status how he did and that he was going to re-try it tonight. Not a good idea but his hootspa (totally wrong spelling there) inspired me and I decided I had to give at least one crossfit open WOD a go. I'm really glad I did!

Here are some pics I've taken but been to lazy too upload:

The barbell I used for the 7 min, each min on the min 2 deadlifts and 7 burpees. This is 130lbs.

My collarbone bruise after one of our push press workouts.

I painted my nails today. I'm not good at this kind of thing so I think they turned out really well! 

One of my valentines day presents. Last time I got flowers I gushed about how beautiful the lilies in the bouquet were and hubby, being as sweet as he is, remembered and got my a bouquet of my favorite!

Pump Up Song: Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya - Dropkick Murphies


  1. Ouch to the bruise! But what a neat war wound, eh?

    Those flowers are purty.

  2. I love lilies, probably my favorite flower. I actually did know that Thursday was your rest day because I remember reading that you played badminton on your normal rest day of Thursday. I really don't deserve a prize, just wanted to let you know that I read every day even if I have no insightful, encouraging, or witty comment to post :)

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE JOHNNY I HARDLY KNEW YA!!!!!!!! Which reminds me that I'm going on an annual St. Patrick's Day pub crawl next weekend (this is one time of year I let myself get totally crazy) and I've got start listening to my fav Irish music! Yes! Making a playlist today!!!!!!

  4. Ouch, the bruise!! And your nails look lovely, really nice and french and chic! :) x