Thursday, March 8, 2012

a post with pictures!

Crossfit Open workout #3
AMRAP 18 min:
15 box jump (20 inches)
12 push press (75lbs)
9 toes to bar

Max weight turkish getup left and right

Box jumps: 20 inches
Push press: 50 lbs
Rounds: 5 + box jumps
Turkish get up: 16kg

Right shin, can't really see. From deadlifts.
 Right arm, ring dips.
 left knee, various.
 both shins, various.

None of them are overly sensitive (doing deadlifts did suck though). They make me feel kind of awesome, actually!

Now, the main course, la piece de resistance! (yes I'm aware that is atrocious spelling) The CFK leader board is where the trainers post up the 5 best scores of hero/girl workouts of max/bests for both men and women. The only rule is that you have to RX the workout and you have to have proper form in all movements. Somehow, I was up their TWICE today! Feels amazing, although I know some regulars are gone for march break so there was significantly less competition. Regardless, feels awesome. And only 1 sec off of being up there for my 500m row, too.


  1. You may have very bruised legs but they look nice and toned.

    Well done for being on the board twice and second on one. That's awesome xx