Friday, March 2, 2012


I got my first RXed workout in, and it was a benchmark to boot!

Warm Up:
Various stretching and yoga poses.

The Filthy Fifty

For time:
50 Box jump, (24 / 20)
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, (24 / 16)
50 Walking Lunges
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, ( 45 / 30 )
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots, ( 20 / 14 )
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

Time: 42:15
50 Box jump: RX
50 Jumping pull-ups: RX
50 Kettlebell swings: RX
50 Walking Lunges: RX
50 Knees to elbows: RX
50 Push press: RX
50 Back extensions: RX
50 Wall ball shots: RX
50 Burpees: RX
50 Double unders: RX

I'm on top of the world! A huge goal of mine was to RX a workout and I finally got it. What had been holding me back most often were the kettlebell swings, RX for women is almost always 16 and I just couldn't get it up. I tried before each workout to see if I could move up from my 12 and it never happened. I said this and went over and tried it today and BAM, first 5 were up and right. It was hard in the workout but not the hardest move by any means. I told myself once I RXed a workout I'd get a new t-shirt as a reward. Here are some of the ones I'm thinking about:

Life as Rx puking unicorn t-shirt

Lift Big Eat Bit t-shirt

Lift Big Eat Big Hoody

There are a couple on zazzle too but I can't figure out how to put the pictures up here. Least of my worries! Hope you all are enjoying your Friday as much as I am :)

Pump Up Song: I Just Had Sex - Lonely Island


  1. Prescription...filled!! Way to go!! Those are big swings!!

  2. Lift big or die trying!! That's a good one!

    And that workout looks killer...50 box jumps make me feel ill lol! Well done on hitting it! :) x

  3. Hahaha I like the squats one.

    And that's such a classic song, I love Lonely Island :-)

  4. That video is HILIARIOUS! I laughed out loud. I also love those shirts!!